Align Your IT teams to Business priorities with ServiceNow ITSM

Align Your IT teams to Business priorities with ServiceNow ITSM

IT Service Management

IT service management includes all the ServiceNow services and processes that ensure end to end delivery of services to customers.ServiceNow ITSM focused on empowering your IT teams.

ServiceNow ITSM works on improving IT services coordination, Business goals, standardising the delivery of services in the organisation.It brings development and IT teams together, promoting customer satisfaction and self-services to increase productivity. 

ServiceNow ITSM

Our Offerings

Service Request Management

The process to handle the range of customer services requests like software enhancements, hardware upgrades, access to specific folders and applications.

Knowledge Management

It involves creating, sharing, altering, updating, and managing the knowledge and useful information of an organisation.

IT Asset Management

It is the process of maintaining, upgrading, manage all the assets of an organization. This process tracks all valuable tangible and non-tangible assets in the organisation.

Incident management

It is the process that is used to respond to sudden and unplanned events to keep the operations running smoothly.This process quickly responds to failures.

Problem management

It works on the incident management process. It involves the management of incidents and finding the root cause of those incidents.

Change management

It is used to ensure that standard processes are used  for all the changes in the infrastructure with an aim of minimizing the risks.

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