Best 7 Angular JS Frameworks For Responsive Web App Development

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  • November 29, 2021


Angular is a platform and framework for building web and mobile applications. Angular JS is an open-source, java-script-based framework developed by Google. It is mainly used for the development of single-page web applications.

Many companies like Amazon, Udemy, Netflix, and Paypal use Angular JS for development. Its High code quality and testability characteristics make it the most popular and usable framework for mobile and web application development. Angular provides the code in components which is reusable in projects. These components make the development faster for the web and mobile applications. A wide range of applications can be developed in minimum time and at a lower cost.

Merits of Angular JS Frameworks

  • Easy to learn

It is very easy to learn. Any individual with good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript can quickly learn it. Huge Community and tons of materials online to help you learn it.

  • Real-Time Testing

Dependency injections are available to perform smooth unit testing and integration testing. It provides you with the testing benefits in real-time.

  • Faster Development

Angular frameworks allow you to develop applications faster. The presence of bundles of plugins and themes makes it easier to create a better user experience and develop the application.

  • Declarative UI

It is extracted with the use of Html, which is highly scalable and decreases the time required for the development of applications.

Best 7 Angular Frameworks

Angular Frameworks

01. Ionic

One of the most popular and robust angular frameworks used to create web and mobile applications with an incredible user experience. It provides more benefits than other frameworks as more responsive applications can be developed at a lower cost.

Angular Frameworks- Ionic

  • Comprises of a vast library of UI Components.
  • The presence of an Ionic creator makes the development easy as the developer can drag and drop the components easily.
  • Open Source framework with Faster performance
  • A plethora of themes and plugins can be integrated into the code.

02. LumX

It is one of the earliest and highly responsive UI frameworks, Being based on the Google material design it follows all the guidelines of the google material design.

It is helpful in providing customized web applications and adding functionality as per users’ requirements.

 Angular Frameworks- Lumx

  • It is built with Sass and bourbon.
  • It is based on MVC architecture.
  • Highly customized applications.
  • Platform Independent.
  • Use of Jquery to increase the speed and better the performance of web applications.

03. Suave UI 

It provides the most attractive user interfaces for your web applications. A plethora of features can be added to the applications using different forms, layered elements, grids, and colored buttons. It provides UI components in the form of bundle files.

 Suave UI

  • It Consists of the Suave Module.
  • It uses CSS and JSS bundles.
  • Aesthetic Web applications with Their UI properties.
  • Platter of Components and features.

04. Angular UI Bootstrap

This framework uses the one robust Tool that is Bootstrap which is used for front-end development. One of the most Popular Angular Framework with a bundle of plugins and Inbuilt elements.

It contains an enriched collection of elements and Dependencies like Angular Touch, Angular Bootstrap, and Angular Animate.

Angular UI Bootstrap

  • Lightweight Framework
  • It contains a diversity of UI Components like Dropdowns, Color Picker, date pickers, and Carousels.
  • Easier to learn
  • Community to Collaborate with and interaction.
  • Eliminates the use of Jquery and Bootstrap Javascript.

05. Angular UI Grid

It is considered one of the best web applications frameworks when it comes to dealing with large datasets. It provides AngularJS implementation without jQuery.You can easily customize the look of your web and mobile applications.

  • It includes Large size Datasets.
  • Additional Features like sorting, Visualisation, filtering, Grouping, user interactions, etc.
  • Availability of Built-in Customiser.
  • Plugin architecture
  • No dependency other than AngularJS.

06. PrimeNG 

The most commonly used UI framework with a collection of rich UI components. Huge no of open-source widgets that are free to use.A diverse collection of 80+ UI components.

You can easily add components like Overlays, charts, menus, forms input, etc to your web applications.


  • All the widgets are free to use.
  • It provides higher Productivity.
  • Highly customizable and professionally designed themes and templates are available.
  • Improved and enhanced Mobile User Experience.

07. Angular Material 

You can call it the all-rounder for all your UI- Based needs. For angular projects, it is one of the most commonly used UI frameworks. It is a component library developed by Google.

It helps you to create more flexible web and mobile applications. It allows you to build your own Custom Components.

Angular Material

  • Custom, reusable and responsive components.
  • It supports the diversity of themes and Plugins.
  • Completely Device Independent.
  • It is Browser Portable and uses reusable Directives.
  • It contains a huge set of material design icons.

Angular JS, being one of the versatile Frameworks allows you to add more and more functionalities to your applications using bundles of themes and plugins. Each framework has its own specific characteristics. You can easily choose between these best angular frameworks as per your requirements.

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