How to Implement Elasticsearch With Spring Boot In Java Development ?

  • By Aelum Consulting
  • November 22, 2021

Java and Elastic Search are some of the topmost technologies used by many Companies.

Java is a high-level, object-oriented programming language launched in 1996. Java is acquired by the oracle and it is still in the active development phase. Elastic Search is the new Technology as compared to java and it was released by Elastic Search N.V. (Now elastic) in 2010. It is used by many companies as a search engine.

What is Elastic Search?

It is the open-source analytics and search engine for all types of data like textual, structured, unstructured, Numerical, and Geospatial data. The operations of elastic search are available in the form of Rest APIs.

Primary Functions In Elastic Search

Elastic search

  • It helps in storing documents in an index.
  • It allows searching the index using some powerful queries to access the documents
  • Using analytics functions on the data

ELK STACK- ELK stack stands for elastic search, Logstash, and all these are provided by the elastic itself. Elastic Search is a NoSQL database created out of Apache Lucene. It is the central repository where all the data will be stored.


Elastic search In Java

Why Elastic Search is used?

Elastic search is a search engine that stores the data in the form of JSON format and JSON messages. You can search for the data using HTTP calls.

  • Initiating an Elastic Search instance
  • Elasticsearch Implementation with Springboot
  • Creating Repository and document Model for Elastic Search

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