New ServiceNow industry solutions help organizations adapt to a digital-first world

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  • December 28, 2021

ServiceNow is a cloud and automation company, creating the new era of hybrid work with a plethora of new features and capabilities, helping organizations to adapt to the most agile business models. ServiceNow recently introduced the Now platform Rome and manufacturing connected workforces. 

ServiceNow is continuously launching more updates to make a world of work better for people. Now platform Rome release contains a number of ServiceNow industry solutions to accelerate the growth in organizations, streamlining and automating the operations across the enterprise. It Comes up with a diversity of solutions to help organizations in financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, and life sciences.

ServiceNow added a large number of industrial solutions in the New Rome release to help organizations.

Employee focused solutions

Rome release made sure that the Prime focus should be the employees and providing great employee experiences. It includes an employee experience platform having an employee center, also known as the command center of the hybrid workforces.  Employees can easily use applications and see their tasks in one place. they can find their all requirement based on Information technology, human resources, and Legal department all facilities at a single place.

ServiceNow Industry Solutions

Inside the Employee center, there is an employee journey management tool that manages the employee journey in the organization in terms of employee onboarding, Induction, and work-based transitions.

Modernizing and automating financial services

Using the Now platform financial institutions can facilitate the interaction of employees with the backend and other systems. It allows them to streamline and automate their activities and deliver great customer experiences. Rome’s release came forward with the new applications building Financial Service Operations.

      1. Client Lifecycle operations

Client Lifecycle operations provide Comprehensive and automated tools for helping the banks in onboarding procedures, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency.

ServiceNow Industry Solutions- Client Lifecycle Operations
ServiceNow Industry Solutions- Client Lifecycle Operations
     2. Complaint management

To help banks Organize, prioritize, and manage complaints to completely avoid reputational image and penalties.

Complaint Management
    3. Treasury Operations

It provides digital workflows to automatically manage tasks in different teams with higher efficiency.

Treasury Operations

Accelerating and streamlining Automation across the entire enterprise

Every release in ServiceNow industry solutions comes up with a focus on automation. New AI and automation modules that empower IT, teams, to work smarter together and efficiently.

1. Automation Discovery

It discovers the top ten opportunities for automating work for more than 180 topics with the ServiceNow applications like Virtual Agent, Auto Routing, and Agent Assist.

2. Health Log Analytics Enhancements

It helps in finding issues before they happen and affect users. It automates issue resolution by using ITOM Predictive AIOps.

Empowering the healthcare ecosystem of the future

Empowering the healthcare ecosystem of the future

Rome release has a health care and life sciences service management, a digital health platform for healthcare-based companies. Vaccine administration management to ensure effective vaccine distribution and help public and private sector organizations in terms of administration, management, and monitoring.

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