Mitigate customer problems end-to-end using ServiceNow CSM

Proactively solve problems and take actions to rectify common requests more efficiently with ServiceNow CSM. To meet today’s customer expectations and provide an optimal service experience, you must examine all of your organization’s people, operations, and tools.

Mitigate customer problems using ServiceNow CSM

Raise productivity by utilizing automated self-service

Ease the burden on your agents by assisting your customers in obtaining what they require, when they require it, and in a manner that is convenient for them. Using an AI-powered chatbot, you can assist customers in completing requests and receiving responses. Increase customer self-service adoption by offering automated solutions to common requests via a service catalog and workflow. Empower agents to resolve customer issues from an intelligent workspace when escalating to agent-assisted service.

ServiceNow CSM
ServiceNow CSM

Connect customer service to the organizational structure

Consider removing disconnects and information silos to ensure that everyone involved in customer service can monitor and manage the progress of the customer’s request or issue from inception to resolution. You must implement intelligent digital workflows that connect your front office to your middle and back offices, as well as your field service teams.

Prepare for unexpected circumstances by organizing resilient operations

Break silos and streamline operations across teams to complete customer requests and permanently resolve issues. Inhibit downtime by monitoring the health of your customers’ products and services on a regular basis to identify possible problems and immediately inform affected customers as needed.

ServiceNow CSM
Distribute tasks throughout the organization with ServiceNow CSM

Distribute tasks throughout the organization with ServiceNow CSM

Use the visual task board, workflow, and automation to connect customer service to other departments and resolve cases quickly. Identify customer service issues and assign them directly to field service, engineering, operations, finance, legal, and other departments, and track those issues until they are resolved. Furthermore, when ServiceNow CSM is combined with ServiceNow Asset Management and Project Portfolio Management, you will gain visibility to more efficiently manage assets, projects, and costs.

Equip agents with information and productivity tools

Allow agents easy access to all the people, processes, and information they require, including the knowledge of their peers and other customers, in order to increase the speed and efficiency of their service delivery. Assist them in keeping track of tasks and managing their workload in order to maximize outcomes and productivity.

ServiceNow CSM

Key Applications

Agent Workspace

Prevent major incidents from occurring. Get alerted to potentially major issues based on the frequency and severity of the problem. Improve agent efficiency for better client experiences and faster resolution.

PlayBooks for customer service

Organizations may automate complicated customer support procedures that span siloed teams and systems with Playbooks for Customer Service Management. They specify the data, tasks, and automation that will be required to digitize these service processes.

Order Management

ServiceNow Order Management is designed to help businesses manage orders more successfully throughout the entire order lifecycle, from order capture to order breakdown and fulfillment to post-order servicing, all on a single platform.

Workforce Optimization

ServiceNow Workforce Optimization (WFO) helps service teams become more productive by optimizing schedules and work assignments, offering near real-time visibility into incoming work items, and equipping them with the skills they need to succeed—all in one place. It’s a solution for managers, leads, and agents that boosts team happiness while improving the quality and efficiency of service teams.

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