With ServiceNow HRSD, you can increase company productivity and provide your employees with the service they deserve. You can provide a wonderful experience to satisfy the demands of a modern workforce by giving employees a single spot to handle their work needs while protecting them from back-end complexity.

ServiceNow HRSD

Prioritize the experiences of your employees and agents with ServiceNow HRSD

You can enable business agility in unpredictable times, drive workforce productivity from anywhere, and transform your company to provide key employee services with ServiceNow Employee Workflows. More importantly, workflows eliminate much of the friction that has arisen when professional life has relocated to the home. Employees have consolidated access to information and service departments, so they know where to go if they have questions.

Prioritize the experiences of your employees and agents with ServiceNow HRSD
ServiceNow HRSD

Better collaboration between HR and IT

ServiceNow HRSD provides a single interface for your employees and a single queue for your agents, all supported by a sophisticated web of connections, workflow automation, and data behind the scenes. Every interaction with employees is part of the employee experience. Your employees shouldn’t be scouring the internet for information or attempting to figure out which department can assist them with a problem. Having a unified experience means they can get answers to their inquiries and have their needs handled in one spot.

Positive Employee Experiences

The days of posting a flyer on the break room bulletin board are long gone. People consume information in various ways, and enterprise companies must tap into those channels if they are to effectively communicate and interact with their employees. A positive employee experience emerges from a comfortable environment. Portals must be built so that employees can switch between web and mobile access, and even interact with Virtual Agents via artificial intelligence. Give them the experience they deserve by building for the channels that are currently available while also preparing for the channels that will be popular in the future.

ServiceNow HRSD
ServiceNow HRSD


There’s a reason why self-checkout lines are now standard in every major retailer across the country. Those with a little grit can quickly swipe through their items and be on their way in half the time, freeing up cashiers for customers who may require more personalized attention. In the case of a business, self-service capitalizes on your employees’ natural curiosity. By making common questions, benefits details, and policy changes easily accessible, you alleviate a significant burden on your service delivery teams.
A robust self-service resource provides a positive experience because employees know they can get the information they need whenever they need it.

Use ServiceNow HRSD Safe Workplace suite

ServiceNow’s new Safe Workplace applications are assisting organizations in making returning to work a positive experience for all employees. Furthermore, they are available globally and in a variety of languages, providing global enterprises with a unified platform that can adapt to local needs.

Use ServiceNow HRSD Safe Workplace suite
ServiceNow HRSD

Creating a safe workplace for employees

A workplace should be a comfortable environment for your company, but with global pressures changing how businesses must operate, informing and protecting your teams have both become priorities. Ensuring proper social distancing, sterilizing common areas, accommodating a hybrid workspace, and monitoring health are now required to maintain a productive workforce.

Automate and streamline activities during the pandemic

Even during the pandemic, ServiceNow applications streamline and automate all activities. Application for emergency response management Emergency Outreach, emergency self-report, and emergency exposure management are available to respond, automate workflows, and keep everyone safe and connected.

ServiceNow HRSD
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