Identify threats and vulnerabilities with Security Operations

To minimize risk, ServiceNow SecOps allows you to immediately identify, prioritize, and respond to threats. To combat threats and weaknesses, we employ SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response).

ServiceNow SecOps

What Is ServiceNow SecOps?

ServiceNow SecOps, or Security Operations, is a process that allows IT Security and IT Operations teams to work together to keep systems and data secure while also decreasing business threats. Regularly, these two groups work in silos, resulting in inefficient processes and challenges – as well as gaps in your company’s security systems. ServiceNow SecOps aims to overcome these problems and ensure that various departments work together.

ServiceNow SecOps
ServiceNow SecOps

Automating our incident response processes is the first step toward greater security

We automate alert processing using ServiceNow Security Operations’ Security Incident Response solution. When a monitoring system sends an alert, ServiceNow prioritizes it based on the signal’s type. ServiceNow also automates the extraction of contextual data, connecting data from monitoring tools, public security tools, and threat feeds to the issue directly.

We’ve expanded and improved ServiceNowSecOps

Our security procedures have been ramped up.Creating an automated system to replace time-consuming emails and spreadsheets, An investigation-friendly security response environment delivers end-to-end visibility and eliminates time-consuming data collection. We can now adapt more quickly and scale our operations as our company grows.

We’ve expanded and improved ServiceNow SecOps
ServiceNow SecOps

Resolve software, operating system, and asset vulnerabilities

The Vulnerability Response application imports and groups vulnerable items based on group rules, allowing you to rapidly address vulnerabilities. Internal and external sources of vulnerability data are used, such as the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) or third-party integrations.

Automate all of your security tools and collaborate with IT in real time

Realize the full potential of your Now Platform solution with Security Operations. Many businesses struggle to identify security threats and vulnerabilities, prioritize them, and work with IT to fix them. By working in a unified platform, security analysts and vulnerability managers may easily automate their security tools and communicate with IT.

ServiceNow SecOps
ServiceNow SecOps

Prioritize Critical Security Incidents

Create security incidents that are automatically prioritized. From early investigation to containment, eradication, and recovery, manage the life cycle of your security issues. With analytic-driven dashboards and reporting, the Security Incident Response application allows you to gain a thorough overview of incident response procedures done by your analysts, as well as discover trends and bottlenecks in those procedures.

Key Applications

Security Incident Response

ServiceNow Security Incident Response is a security orchestration and automation response (SOAR) service that enables you to respond quickly to new threats while also streamlining and coordinating enterprise security operations. Manual handoffs between systems, teams and responsibilities create errors and friction, which Security Incident Response avoids.

Vulnerability Response

Cyber resiliency is strong. Prioritize vulnerability management in conjunction with the asset, risk, and threat intelligence, as well as a workflow with IT for a quick and effective response. View and track the most important remediation tasks for your organization. Provide a collaborative workspace for IT and vulnerability teams, as well as automated risk remediation.

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