Fast Track Innovation With A Low Code Platform

  • By Aelum Consulting
  • April 21, 2022

ServiceNow enables businesses to transform by automating and optimizing operations at scale without impacting user experience, security, governance, or performance.

ServiceNow Creator Workflows combine the power of App Engine and IntegrationHub to provide enterprise-class low-code app delivery at scale, with intuitive and intelligent experiences. Businesses may move from an abstract concept to a fully functional app in less than a day with Creator Workflows. Anyone can now create captivating app experiences that expand from a single department to the entire company fast and safely.

Companies may efficiently expand and expedite app delivery by empowering business stakeholders such as business process analysts, rather than depending primarily on professional developers to construct apps. More than just extra hands, these business specialists are frequently the most knowledgeable about the business requirements, associated procedures, and end-user preferences that the most successful apps are based on. 

Agile automation offered through software is required for growth and success. App Engine, which is powered by the Now Platform, enables the rapid low code development of Creator Workflows that provide exceptional experiences for everyone. App Engine enables you to create apps quickly with low-code development and grow cross-enterprise experiences that customers love as more people build with less complexity

Low code development

Continuous innovation is required to keep up with constant change

With today’s rapid speed of change, those who can innovate the most quickly will have the most prospects. Companies cannot afford to wait when market conditions change or a new competition joins the market. Companies must modernize and turn manual processes into automated digital workflows, while also inventing new workflows to suit their developing business models and practices, in order to keep up.

This increases the demand for new apps and workflows, but keeping up is difficult. Most companies do not have enough professional developers to fulfill demand, resulting in backlogs. Simultaneously, user expectations continue to rise. They expect a complete, end-to-end, and seamless digital experience at all times that matter. As a result, each new app must provide a modern, feature-rich complete experience.

Accelerate innovation with a low-code solution 

More creators, less code, and simpler technology are required to scale innovation today. However, cost management and security cannot be sacrificed in the sake of efficiency and productivity. The emergence of unfettered apps that lack the essential enterprise safeguards poses a risk and makes growth unsustainable.

Low code development

Professional developers, line of business technologists (citizen developers), and low-code developers all work on the same platform using App Engine, either independently or in collaborative teams. What’s the end result?

Better apps that scale without sprawl and a faster time to market.

Scale apps without sprawl

  • Transform your business procedures into strong digital workflows that integrate all of your systems, apps, and data, having total visibility into all processes from start to finish. 
  • Give line-of-business entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed. design apps while ensuring app security platform stability, quality, and safety.
  • Use ServiceNow platform with confidence to run apps. 

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