How ServiceNow HRSD Can help you Increase Productivity?

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  • December 17, 2021


It is a Scoped application Provided by the ServiceNow platform which helps organizations to streamline and automate their HR-based Processes and activities in one single place.

ServiceNow HRSD

Employees can use self-service in the ServiceNow app for all the HR processes. Digital Automation is helping organizations to serve their employees more efficiently and drive maximum productivity.

HRSD Application is empowering the employees to get all the services by a single click, swipe, or Simply by chat.

Benefits Of ServiceNow HRSD

ServiceNow HRSD- Benefits

To build great Employee Experiences

ServiceNow HRSD- Employee Experience

All manual activities and tasks for employees are replaced by automated processes to increase the overall efficiency of the organization. Employees can easily use the ServiceNow mobile application and onboarding application for all queries. If they want to change their address or update their personal details, they can easily do it by using applications.

Streamline and automate the activities of workplaces after the disaster or pandemic

ServiceNow HRSD

Safe Workplace applications

These applications help you to smoothly operate your workplace even after the pandemics like covid-19. We can get insights from our employees using surveys that if they want to come to the workplace or not. Decision-making is employee-centric that provides a number of competitive advantages.

Employees Readiness Surveys

This application uses surveys to get the employee’s insights on their comfort during a pandemic if they want to work from the office or not and on the basis of the results the actions are taken ensuring all the security standards.

Employee health screening

It includes the screening of all the employees when they start working from the office using regular temperature checks and PPE.

Workplace safety management

Automated Cleaning tasks are defined for the workplace to ensure the employee’s security.

Workplace PPE inventory management

It includes the management of PPE kits inventory at all the locations to facilitate the safety of all the employees.

Safe Workplace dashboard

This will help organizations by providing the analytics and a better view of all the employee’s surveys and insights in a dashboard format.

There are many safe workplace applications and features that ensure the maximum safety of all employees following all the health standards


Ease to Use the application anywhere

Ease to use applications anywhere

ServiceNow HRSD helps employees to use the HR services anywhere. More importance is provided to the employee’s satisfaction. A single channel is provided to all the employees using the Now Mobile app and Employee center.

Building Functional Discipline by organizing Employee interactions

Functional Discipline

Employee interactions are managed in a more efficient manner. The Center of excellence data model manages all the interactions between entities like HR employee relations, HR payroll, HRIT workforce administration, HRIT operations, HR lifecycle events, HR talent management, and HR total rewards that also enable the organization to support all types of queries and requests.

Streamline and automate activities during the pandemic

Streamline and automate activities during a pandemic

ServiceNow applications streamline and automate all the activities even during the pandemic.

Emergency response management applications Emergency Outreach, Emergency self-report, and emergency exposure management are available to respond, automate workflows and keep everyone safe and connected.

Addition of Employee-focused Services

Addition of Employee-focused Services

HR Service Delivery application is transforming the way organizations operate and service their employee requests. Employee-centric applications lead organizations to competitive advantages. ServiceNow HRSD can be easily integrated into the cloud and also to on-premise HR systems and helps organizations to operate their HR activities and functions efficiently.

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