Policy and Compliance Management

Automate best practice lifecycles, unified processes, and get assurances around corporate compliance with ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management.

policy and compliance management
policy and compliance management

Policy and Compliance Management

Policy and Compliance Management in ServiceNow is a powerful solution designed to streamline and automate organizational policy management processes. It enables businesses to establish, enforce, and monitor policies, ensuring compliance with internal guidelines, industry regulations, and legal requirements.

With ServiceNow, organizations can efficiently create and distribute policies, track policy acknowledgement, and manage policy-related tasks and workflows. The solution provides a centralized repository for policy documentation, making it easy to update, review, and communicate policies across the organization. By leveraging Policy and Compliance Management, businesses can enhance governance, minimize compliance risks, and maintain a robust framework to meet regulatory obligations effectively.

ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management Benefits

Improved Compliance

Abidance with industry regulations and internal policies for managing activities that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of compliance efforts.

Increased Efficiency

Provide automated workflows & task management, which can help streamline compliance processes and reduce the time and effort required for activities.

Improved Visibility

Provide real-time visibility into compliance activities, enabling organizations to track compliance status, identify gaps, and prioritize compliance efforts.


Integrate with other ServiceNow modules, such as ITSM or HRSD, enabling organizations to manage compliance across multiple business areas.

Reduced Risk

Reduce the risk of non-compliance by automating control testing, mapping to policies & regulations, and providing workflows for managing issues.

Better Collaboration

Provide workspaces and portals for various stakeholders, which can improve collaboration and communication among auditors, employees, stakeholders, etc.


Scale to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. It can accommodate changes in compliance requirements and support global compliance efforts.

DevOps Integration

Provide a DevOps accelerator to integrate compliance and risk management into their software development processes, built into software development.

ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management Features

Automated Controls Testing

Allow to automate the testing of controls and reduce the risk of human error. It uses predefined test scripts to assess controls against standards and regulations.

Authoring and Management

Enables to author, manage, & distribute policies, standards, and regulatory content. It provides version control to track policy changes and updates over time.

Control Mapping

Help to map controls to policies, standards, and regulations. It also helps identify control gaps and overlaps, enabling a prioritized control implementation process.

Smart Issue Management

Help manage compliance issues, such as non-compliance with policies and regulations, in a centralized manner. It also provides workflows for managing issues from creation to resolution.

Workspaces and Portals

Allow to create custom workspaces and portals for various stakeholders. It also provides role-based access control to ensure that users only see the information relevant to their role.

Control Attestations

Enable to attest to controls to demonstrate compliance with policies and regulations. It also provides workflows for managing control attestations and exceptions.

Policy Acknowledgments

Allow tracking policy acknowledgments from employees, ensuring they are aware of the policies and regulations they need to comply with.

Policy Exception Requests from any ServiceNow App

Enable to request exceptions to policies and regulations from any ServiceNow app. It also provides workflows for managing policy exception requests.

Evidence Requests

Enable to request evidence to demonstrate compliance with policies and regulations. It also provides workflows for managing evidence requests and responses.

Content Provider Integration

Enable to integrate external content providers, such as regulatory bodies and industry associations, to keep up-to-date with the latest regulations and standards.

DevOps Accelerator

Enable to integrate compliance and risk management into their DevOps processes, building compliance into software development from the start.

Confidentiality and User Hierarchy Management

Enable to manage the confidentiality of policy and compliance data and ensure that users only have access to the information they need to perform their roles.

ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Best Practices

Define and Document Policies

Define and document policies and procedures relevant to your organization, ensuring regular review and update of policies.

Map Controls to Policies and Regulations

Ensure to meet compliance requirements. It can also help identify gaps in controls and policies required to address.

Provide Training and Awareness Programs

Ensure employees understand the applicable policies and regulations. It can help prevent issues and improve compliance.

Regularly Review and Update Policies and Controls

Ensure they remain effective and up-to-date, prevent non-compliance issues, and manage compliance risks properly.

Regularly Monitor and Report on Compliance

Manage compliance risks, ensure compliance efforts, identify improvement areas, and align compliance efforts with goals.

Use Control Attestations

Ensure controls are correctly executed & functioning as intended. It can help identify control deficiencies & prevent issues.

Automate Controls Testing

Automate control testing to ensure controls function as intended and compliance risks are identified and addressed promptly.

Establish Workflows for Managing Compliance Issues

Identify and resolve compliance risks promptly and effectively, ensuring compliance issues are properly tracked & documented.

Use Workspaces and Portals

Improve collaboration and communication among stakeholders and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding compliance.

Integrate Compliance and Risk Management into DevOps

Build compliance into software development from the start. It can help prevent issues and improve overall compliance.

Establish Clear Roles and Responsibilities

Ensure everyone knows what is expected of them. Also, it can help you to manage compliance risks properly.

Implement Smart Issue Management

Enhance compliance issue resolution times and ensure they are tracked and resolved promptly and effectively to avoid issues.

ServiceNow policy and compliance roles

Policy and Compliance Manager

Responsible for developing, implementing, & managing policies, standards, and procedures that ensure compliance with internal and external regulations. They ensure policies and controls are updated regularly to stakeholders.

Compliance Analyst

Responsible for monitoring compliance with policies and regulations, identifying non-compliance issues, and working with stakeholders to resolve them. They also assist in the development of compliance training and awareness programs.


Responsible for assessing compliance with policies, standards, and regulations. They review policies and controls to ensure they are adequate and effective, and they provide recommendations for improvement.

Risk Manager

Responsible for identifying and assessing risks and developing and implementing risk management strategies to mitigate them. They work closely with the Manager to identify and manage compliance risks effectively.

Business Owner

Responsible for ensuring the policies and controls applied to their business area are understood and implemented. They work closely with the Manager to ensure their business area complies with all relevant guidelines and regulations.

IT Security Manager

Responsible for ensuring IT systems and applications are secure and comply with security policies and standards. They work closely with the Policy and Compliance Manager to ensure adequate and effective IT security controls.

How Can Aelum Consulting Help with ServiceNow Policy and Compliance?

Aelum Consulting is a Premier ServiceNow partner with expertise in Policy and Compliance Management. Here are some ways in which we can help with ServiceNow Policy and Compliance:

Implementation and Customization

We can help implement & customize Policy and Compliance Management to meet their specific needs. It includes configuring workflows, controls, policies, and other features to align with organizational policies and regulatory needs.

Best Practice Consulting

We can provide expert advice on Policy and Compliance best practices and how to implement them in ServiceNow. It includes identifying areas for improvement and recommending solutions to reduce organizational compliance risks.

Integration and Migration

We can help organizations integrate ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management with other ServiceNow modules and third-party systems. It includes migrating data from legacy systems to ServiceNow to ensure a smooth transition.

Training and Adoption

We can help organizations train employees on how to use ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management effectively. It includes providing training on policy authoring, control testing, compliance reporting, and other key features.

Auditing and Assessment

We can conduct auditing and assessment services to evaluate an organization’s compliance posture and identify potential compliance risks. It includes reviewing policies, controls, and processes to ensure they comply with regulatory requirements.

Managed Services

We can provide ongoing managed services for ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management. It includes monitoring, reporting, and support services to ensure compliance risks are adequately managed, and compliance requirements are met.

Aelum Consulting’s expertise in ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management can help organizations reduce compliance risks, improve compliance performance, and better manage compliance issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management is a module that helps organizations manage their compliance and policy requirements. The module provides tools for creating policies, assessing compliance, and automating the management of controls and exceptions.

ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management provide a centralized platform for managing compliance and policy requirements. The module includes features such as policy creation, risk assessment, control management, and exception management. It also integrates with other ServiceNow modules, such as Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), to provide a comprehensive compliance management solution.

ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management provide several benefits, including increased visibility into compliance status, improved control management, enhanced automation of policy and compliance processes, and better alignment with industry standards and regulations.

ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management help organizations comply with regulatory requirements by providing tools for assessing compliance, managing controls and exceptions, and automating compliance processes. The module also includes pre-built content for common regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX.

ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management integrate with other ServiceNow modules such as GRC, IT Service Management (ITSM), and Security Operations (SecOps) to provide a comprehensive compliance management solution. The integration enables organizations to align compliance and policy management with their overall business objectives and processes.

Yes! ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet specific business needs. The module includes tools for creating custom policies, controls, and exceptions, as well as integrating with other systems and applications. ServiceNow partners and developers can also create custom applications and integrations using the ServiceNow platform.

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