How Business Service Delivery Efficiency be Improved using ServiceNow ITSM?

  • By Aelum Consulting
  • January 20, 2022


Digital Transformation is the primary key for businesses to ensure that they keep sustaining in this competitive environment. Traditional Business Service Delivery models are not well efficient to deliver IT projects with guaranteed quality, time, and transparency.

ServiceNow IT Service Management


Businesses spend a lot of money on innovating and modernizing their Service Delivery.  Demand for IT services is increasing in this digital world. High-cost Service Delivery due to the use of resources to keep everything running and connected. Limited Number of people to resolve the queries on time, Lack of Infrastructure Visibility, Siloed Manual Process, and eventually Slow Responses.    

Proposed Solution 

To help businesses adopt digital transformation and to modernize and innovate service delivery, the ServiceNow platform came forward with completely automated IT service management (ITSM) solutions. 

ServiceNow IT Service Management

What is ServiceNow IT Service Management ?

ServiceNow ITSM includes processes and workflows that ensure the delivery of quality IT services. ServiceNow IT Service Management Solutions enable organizations to modernize their Service Delivery and improve the efficiency of business service delivery with reduced costs. It can boost your organization’s IT productivity, improve business agility and reduce risks. It includes AI-based tools like chatbots and voice assistants to provide faster responses and reduce human efforts.

ServiceNow IT Service Management

ServiceNow ITSM Solutions can benefit your business in different ways.

Benefits of ServiceNow IT Service Management Solutions

Improved Project Management

Project managers lose most of their time in assigning tasks, updating documents, Monitoring, and sending emails.AI powered ITSM tools are capable of assigning tasks and monitoring to the users. Responsive and interactive dashboards to provide the activity report for every individual. These dashboards can provide some really deeper insights about every single user. It reduces the project management Costs and works on improving the process of decision making.

Streamline and Automate Service Delivery

The presence of smart and interactive dashboards that provides actionable insights for the different projects. It provides an intuitive experience to the users by responding quickly to the user’s requests. Strong analytics will help you to track performance and to get suggestions for possible future improvements. ServiceNow ITSM Solutions saves a lot of time, streamline and automate the IT workflows.

Streamline and Automate Service Delivery

Uninterrupted incident Management

ServiceNow incident management solution in ServiceNow ITSM ensures that IT captures the incident without any disruption and outage. It streamlines all the processes and automatically routes all the incidents to the best-appropriate resolution group. Prioritization of emails, calls, and chats based on targets of service level.

Uninterrupted incident Management

Optimized Workflows

Projects managers don’t have to spend their time assigning, categorizing, and routing tasks manually. There are voice assistants that can alert all team members about their issues and the voice assistant help till the issue is not resolved. These voice assistants and bots enable optimized workflows and ensure service delivery on time.

ServiceNow IT Service Management - Optimized Workflows
Structured Data-Driven strategy

ITSM solutions will provide you with real-time data decisions using AI-powered dashboards. The data will be compiled, preprocessed, and evaluated to help you make better decisions for your business. Structured data-driven solutions will shape your business in the most effective manner.

Structured Data-Driven strategy

Reduction in time and cost

ServiceNow ITSM provides a strong platform for all ITIL Processes and reduces costs by improving business agility, reducing risks, and boosting IT innovation. It provides a single system for all IT processes with real-time dashboards and benchmarks.


The digitally transformed ServiceNow ITSM solutions have the intensive capability to improve the business service delivery efficiency. In this digital world, your organization can rely on the abilities of ServiceNow ITSM.

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